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S290 LS

S290 LS

The S290 LS is a complete laser marking system DPSS or FIBER easy to use features that yield excellent results and recording. The S290 LS is suitable for marking of metal and plastic surfaces and ensures a very precise recording and high quality of these materials.


Marcação de Metais e Plásticos

A S290 LS foi desenhada com portas frontais e traseiras, especialmente concebidas para permitir a colocação de peças de grandes dimensões.


  • Large work area extensible up to 736 x 460mm for large parts
  • DC servo control for precise and rapid movement
  • Excellent engraving quality
  • DPSS or FIBER laser technology to engraving metals and plastics
  • Easyuser
  • Auto Power Compensation (APC) to ensure the laser power stability DPSS
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Barcodes, Jewellery, Metals, Plastic Marking, Plastics